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Real life can be hard. Let us help make weight loss easy.

Dawn B. lost 47 lbs. with Real Life Weight Loss.  She was told by her doctor that  due to certain health issues she faced that if she did not lose a significant amount of weight she would not live to see 50.  Her Program at Real Life Weight Loss consisted of nutraceuticals and supplements (She did not want any prescription medications.), B12 + Lipo Injections and our 5:1 Program*.  She used our Fresh Steps Evolution Phase 2 to transition more and more food back into her diet and is now in the Maintenance Phase of her weight loss journey.  She tells us she feels younger, healthier and that she has a new lease on life. 

*(5 of our delicious products a day and 1 "Selfie" meal).  

Taking the B-12 Injections has helped me so much with my day to day tasks. I have more energy without the jitters like I used to get from my endless coffee and energy drinks. My mental focus has improved too.  I have a stressful job and thanks to the injections I am able to deal with my stress better without blowing up or falling apart. I especially love the overall sense of wellbeing that the B12 shots have given me. I would recommend this program to anyone who has given up hope or just needs an extra boost. So glad I found you guys!

Gina H.

Customer Service Rep.

The Lipo shot is my new BEST FRIEND!! I lost 4 dress sizes in 4 months with a combination of hcG, B12 and Lipo injections. I feel amazing. 

Ann P.


Thank you for the B12 + Lipo injections.  I don't feel old anymore!  I have more energy and focus and I feel great. 

I am so leary of taking any medications that it took me a while to try your supplements.  They are fantastic.  I have zero side effects.  It took me even longer to try your protein bars because I am so sensitive to artificial sweeteners that I was afraid to try them.  Once you told me your products have real sugars I tried them and they are so good.  Thank you for delivering on all of your promises regarding the quality of your products.  

Mary C.


I have tried exercise and eating less.  I have tried everything to lose weight but after 3 kids I just could not shake the extra weight.  Thanks to the great tasting food choices that Real Life Weight Loss offers I was finally able to lose the weight that had been impossible to move for years.  I am so grateful to RLWL & Wellness. 

Joann G.

"Super" B2B Saleswoman

I tried other diets along with prescription meds and the restrictive nature of the diet was so hard to maintain (and the food choices so small) that I usually gave up and gained the weight right back .  The medicine made my heart race and I felt jittery.  I decided to try a new approach and am I so happy I went to Real Life Weight Loss & Wellness.  Their supplements are wonderful and the food kept me full and tasted great.  The cost was no more than if I went to the grocery store.   I spent about $15 a day on my program.  It was so easy and the weight just dropped right off of me.  I would recommend this weight loss program to anyone.  

Char H.


I found myself getting heavier and heavier every year.  Even though I thought I was not eating more the scale kept going up.  Real Life Weight Loss helped me see that my portions were way too large and my intake of macronutrients were way too small.  Thanks to them I have lost the fat, kept my muscle mass and I feel great.  With RLWL's meal replacement program and supplements I was never hungry and I was never at a loss for what to eat.  It was such a relief not to be tempted by all of the foods in the grocery store that are so bad for me but so good to eat.  Now if I find myself gaining a few pounds I go and buy some bars and shakes from RLWL and I get right back on track.  

Phil C.