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Real life can be hard. Let us help make weight loss easy.

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       You are about to embark on the easiest weight loss journey of your life!  The Kickstart Weight Loss Plan works, is so easy to follow and is full of variety and great taste!  Most patients can expect to lose between     3 - 4 lbs. on average per week.  This plan not only helps you lose weight, it teaches you how to keep it off, for good! The variety and ease of this program will have you losing weight in no time.  

Why Meal Replacements?

     Research has shown that people are more likely to lose more weight when following a structured meal plan.  A U.S. study found that people asked to follow structured weight loss meal plans lost more weight over 6 months (an average of 26 lbs.) than people using less structured guidance.  

     Eighteen months into the study, the benefits remained; weight loss was on average DOUBLE for the structured meal plan group.

How Does It Work?

     It is easy, satisfying with great taste and you'll lost weight!!  We have the highest quality, greatest tasting and affordable nutritional products in the world.  We trust Healthwise products because of their dedication to taste, quality, variety, service, support and value.   

     The days of cardboard tasting diet food is over.  Times have changed and not only is the nutrition sound - but our products use the highest quality protein as well.  All of our products are made in the USA in FDA and USDA licensed and inspected facilities.  

     We use high quality protein filled meal replacements, portion, carbohydrate and calorie control principles in daily meal planning.  This combination allows the body to achieve favorable fat los (a.k.a. fat-burning) while preserving lean muscle mass.   

     Click on our store to view detailed information on our products.  There are many more products available but the online store shows our current inventory.