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Real life can be hard. Let us help make weight loss easy.


Would you like to use technology to help you keep on track while on your weight loss journey?  We have a great tool for that!  The HealthTrac app is free of charge with any of our programs.  

The HealthTrac App Dashboard

HealthTrac has a convenient Dashboard to help you navigate the app.   The Dashboard allows you to quickly and conveniently view your progress.  The details in the Dashboard are drawn from information contained in your Tracker and Planner.  (See below for more information.)

Features of the HealthTrac App:

The Learning Modules Tool contains important documents, videos and worksheet questions that help support your Program. 

The Mailbox Tool  allows you to communicate with us.  

The Reminders Tool helps you focus on the important aspects of your Program. 

The Color My Day Tool is an easy way to build awareness while letting us know how close you've come to meeting your healthy living goals.

The Activity Tracker Tool can be used to track metrics like weight, walking steps, minutes of exercise, sleep hours, etc. 

The My Journal Tool allows you to:

     1.  Keep track of your successes.
     2.  Note areas you need to focus on.
     3.  Simply jot down how you've been feeling. 

The Set a Goal Tool allows you to create goals that are clearly defined, realistic and measurable.  

The Planner Tool allows you to plan for and track your daily food intake and other activities.  

**All of the HealthTrac Tools are available to our clients free of charge.**