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RLWL & Wellness Blog

Join me on my Kickstart Diet Program 

Wednesday, February 12, 2021

Day 3

Day 3 is going okay.  I am still craving junk food but I am not hungry or tired and I am getting used to reaching for good calibrated food rather than whatever junk food I can get my hands on.  

Today's menu is:  Proti Dark Chocolate Shake; Proti Peanut Butter Bar; Healthwise Beef Stroganoff; Healthwise Strawberry Cream Protein Crisps and for my Selfie Meal I am having chicken breast and brussel sprouts.  

Tuesday​, February 9, 2021

Day 2

Day 2 has me avoiding my usual traps for eating sugar.  I have a snack drawer in the fridge that I so wish I could open.  :)  

Here is what I ate on Day 2:  Healthwise Blueberry Pancake; Healthwise Beef Stroganoff; Proti Peanut Butter Protein Bar; Proti Vanilla Wafer and for my Selfie Meal I had a hamburger and broccoli again. 

It is a real challenge to not reach for high fat or high sugar foods.  I am not hungry one bit though and I am not tired.  

I am also taking natural weight loss pills that we sell called Thermocaps.  I take 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.   

My Personal Kick Start Diet Plan Journey

Monday February 8, 2021

Day 1

     I work here at Real Life Weight Loss and I have gone up and down with weight for years.  I managed to knock off a huge chunk (from 239 - 159)  and then I lose 20 and gain 15 back.  Lose 10 and gain 5 back.  I recently gained 14 lbs. and would like to lose them and surpass that by 20 lbs.  This diet can help me lose up to 40 lbs. in 14 weeks.  I believe it is harder to lose that last stubborn weight so I am going to follow  the Kickstart Diet Plan.  I have used all of these products and my natural supplements for the past few years to keep my weight down but I have never committed 100%.  

     I am also a sugar and carb addict.  The hardest thing was getting started because I did not want to give up my ice cream, brownies, cake, Nutty Buddys, french fries, bread, hash browns, Oreos, etc.  Not to mention my barbacoa tacos and frozen margaritas.  

     I have been talking about it for a couple of months and I just could not start.   I finally forced myself to start this week.  I measured myself, and weighed myself and ran through the body composition scale.  I will cheat occasionally because I know this diet works so well that I can.  So, as a reward, now and then I will be cheating and I will document that part as well.   

     I believe that weight loss is a mental game.  It is not easy.  You need a lot of willpower and determination.   I am on Week One and it is difficult.  I have to adjust to not eating for comfort or on the run.   I am not hungry at all and I have great energy.  The food is designed to be a low calorie, low fat, high satiety plan that allows me to eat frequently throughout the day.  Most products have 15 grams of protein to keep my metabolism stoked.  But I am a stress eater and a mindless sugar junkie so mentally it is a H-U-G-E adjustment.  

     Here is is a list of products that I ate on Day 1:  Healthwise Vegetable Omelet; Proti Peanut Butter Protein Bar; Healthwise Macaroni & Cheese; Proti Vanilla Wafer Bar; and for my Selfie Meal I had a hamburger and Broccoli.