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Welcome to Real Life Weight Loss & Wellness Center

     We are here to help you achieve your weight loss and wellness goals.  Our unique programs can include natural supplements, the latest weight loss prescription medication, along with B12, Lipotropic injections, fat-burning injections, hormone therapy and more!  We offer a full line of carefully calibrated foods including  shakes, bars and supplements that are only available through a doctor's office.  

Other Services:

Thyroid, Weight and Metabolic Issues

Menopause and Bio-Identical Hormones

Male and Female Sexual Medicine

Men's Health and Hormone Therapy




Beletero Lips

Chemical Peels


Testimonials for Dr. Blohm & Real Life Weight Loss:

          I went to Real Life Weight Loss on the recommendation of a friend.  Diana got me started on my weight loss journey.  I started with the B12 and Lipotropic injections Fat Burning Injections.  She suggested also adding Thermocaps and Carb Trap natural supplements.  I started seeing results immediately.  I have since lost 50 lbs. and still have a few more to go as I continue with the regimen.  

          There is also a doctor at the clinic, Dr. Kristina Blohm, M.D.  She is an endocrinologist and so much more!  She has 4 board certifications.  I would call her a Concierge Doctor.  After a couple of weeks I decided to see her and get more insight into my basic health and ongoing weight loss.  I am really glad I did!  In one visit she discovered some serious health issues that needed to be addressed.  She is super nice and compassionate,  takes her time and gathers tons of information.  After I got my health issues worked out I went to her for some cosmetic enhancements, namely fillers.  I feel really confident going to her for all my needs.  

          I am very pleased with the service I have received from both Dr. Blohm and Diana at Real Life Weight Loss!

Sandy R., Current RLWL & Wellness Client

          I go to Real Life Weight Loss & Wellness for vitamin injections.  I get the B12 + Lipotropic combination.  I liked them enough to renew but was not positive as to how much they helped.  Until I went out of town for 15 days.  I came back and went to get an injection.  I explained to Diana that I was not sure how much they had been helping but I was not feeling like myself.  I was tired and run down and this was going to be the perfect opportunity to see if it is the shots that keep me going.  She gave me my usual dose and by the next week I was back to my normal self.  I am glad I was able to test them in this way.  I am confident in the help I receive at Real Life Weight Loss.  

Kathy W., Current RLWL & Wellness Client

My pictures speak for themselves!  This is me last year when I came to Real Life Weight Loss & Wellness and me after losing over 80 lbs.

Carrie B., Current RLWL & Wellness Client

          I came to Real Life Weight Loss for a men's health consultation to help me with my golf game.  I am a big golfer and I want the most out of my game.  Dr. Blohm diagnosed me with sleep apnea and helped me with some hormone issues.  Had me get a sleep study done and helped find some previously undiagnosed health issues.  She is very thorough and helpful.  It was a pleasure seeing her and their communication is excellent.  

Thomas T., RLWL & Wellness Client

             I am relatively new to Real Life Weight Loss but I make sure I spread the word about their great products every chance I get.  When I am in the office chatting and other people come in I make sure to tell them about Diana's natural weight loss supplements.  They are incredible.  I feel so good on them.  I have lost weight and they give me energy with no side effects.  At all.  I absolutely love them.  She gave me samples to try first and I was hooked.  I prefer a natural approach to my weight loss and these are perfect.

F.G., Current RLWL & Wellness Client

Clinician Dr. David Macallan 

Lost Over 50 lbs.

"Iā€™m passionate about these programs 

because they worked for me!ā€ā€‹

Scott R. lost 28 lbs.

Scott was a senior in high school and wanted to lose weight before going away to college.  He asked his mother if he could find a weight loss program and she brought him to Real Life Weight Loss & Wellness.  He lost 28 lbs. and learned a new way to eat.  And cook!  Perfect for a new college freshman and his soaring self confidence.

Real Life Weight Loss is BBB Accredited

We follow the BBB Code of Business Practices.